Blogging: A Renewed Start

I began this blog a couple of years ago as a homework assignment. I’m back––without the motivation of obtaining a good grade, but as a means to write about my life; life as an older woman, student, and survivor. I realize this will severely limit my audience. I harbor hopes that through practice and persistence I can develop skills to discover my niche. A few roles I have played and continue to play are mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Thus far, I have survived severe burns, lyme disease, colon cancer, and seven consecutive semesters at Simpson University. I do not brag about survival on my own merit, but as a testament to the power and grace of my Father and God.


Niagara  Falls from the U.S.’s Border View 2009

The photo above states my sentiment regarding posting blogs; but the bird represents the freedom I seek from the vulnerability of blogging: exposing my soul to the world.

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