Dirty Deeds Done on Spoon Lane–– Part Two

It’s strange to think how selective memory can be: I remember details leading up to, during, and following this event, but I cannot remember what my punishment was from the courts. I must have been let off the hook legally, but rest assured parental punishment was indeed plotted, planned, and executed. After the story’s conclusion,Continue reading “Dirty Deeds Done on Spoon Lane–– Part Two”

Dirty Deeds Done on Spoon Lane

I can’t even. Think. I’ve never this stumped before.  Writing prompts are not improving the flow of creative energy through the synapses of this brain.  So, I decided to post this essay that won second place in my university writing contest in two parts.   Dirty Deeds Done on Spoon Lane (Part One) Anderson UnionContinue reading “Dirty Deeds Done on Spoon Lane”

The Woman in the Wallpaper, Part Two

  Today’s post is a continuation of an essay written as a university assignment. Every detail is true, except for the name change of my then fiancé, known here as Frank.   The Woman in the Wallpaper––Part Two Months later, while roaming the aisles of Target Stores, I note a young boy of about 14Continue reading “The Woman in the Wallpaper, Part Two”

The Woman in the Wallpaper–Part One

I am posting this autobiographical essay in parts because the original essay was written as such. I wrote this in response to a course requirement in the Advanced Composition course at Simpson University. Every detail, even the seemingly miniscule, is true to the best of my recollection. The exception is the name change of myContinue reading “The Woman in the Wallpaper–Part One”

Quiet on the Blogging Front: The Happy Soul

  I’m back after a hiatus full of funk, junk and many deliveries to the local transfer station, formerly referred to as THE DUMP in childhood days.       We mark our days by events. Having surpassed the 19th anniversary of the worst day of my life, I’ve been in a funk, a funkContinue reading “Quiet on the Blogging Front: The Happy Soul”

A Polarity in Self-Awareness

Oh, the faces I make while moving through the events of an ordinary day. Something tells me I am not alone. My trail-walking face: smile, wave, greet passers-by with a cheery “Good Morning.” My traffic face: scowl, growl, and glare with shoulders scrunched up to my ears and hands raised, outspread to each side,  greet fellowContinue reading “A Polarity in Self-Awareness”

The Abyss

Dear Jaydan, Your mother prepared a wonderful tribute to her beloved son: I ‘ve enclosed a note to you–– You didn’t know how much you would be missed. You didn’t know of our unfailing love for you. Your mother, your father, Your brothers and your sisters, Your Gram and many others, too. This abyss. EveryContinue reading “The Abyss”

Excerpts from 1000 Deaths

I am posting an excerpt from writings I began several months ago. It is a true story, written in the present tense, of life after burns, yet the story in its entirety does tells of the accident,  subsequent hospitalization and such. The title 1000 Deaths is a temporary, working title at this point.      Continue reading “Excerpts from 1000 Deaths”

Font Nerds

One of the things I enjoy about Brick on the television comedy, “The Middle,” is his love and knowledge about fonts. On “The Goldbergs,” Adam had a font showdown recently.   I don’t know why I chuckle at the idea every time, but I do. I’ve concluded that I’m a closet Font Nerd. Surmise this admissionContinue reading “Font Nerds”

Saturday Mornings

I’m here. I’m on pins and needles: reading over syllabuses and textbooks 📚 for the upcoming semester.<<<< On the plus side, only three more semester remaining until I will have completed requirements necessary for that coveted Bachelor’s in English and a minor degree in journalism (provided I survive a full four months of Math.) So hereContinue reading “Saturday Mornings”