The Final Final is Finally Final

Yep! The title says it all. I have now completed my fourth semester at SimpsonU. No more teachers, no more text books, and no more tests for three entire weeks.

It’s time to put the ‘look a lot like Christmas’ in Christmas around this house.  For the past couple of weeks, I have started to decorate for Christmas but at each attempt I have had to pull myself back and get back to books. Consequently, the decor around this place is schizophrenic and chaotic.

The tree is up with about one-half the usual ornaments. It’s a start! I typically like to go all-out with the decor, but this year I have decided to tone it down and spend my time on things that really matter: the presents! Just kidding.

I am looking forward to having company for dinner and for the gift exchange on Christmas Eve. Students typically feel isolated from family during the semester, and I have definitely felt isolated and disconnected from my family – more so this semester than previous semesters combined.

It’s time to reconnect with some very important people. And so, Fall Semester 2015, you can kiss my shiny, white, hiney good-bye!




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