The Smorgasbord


I cannot think of one single thing to blog about so I’ve decided to create a smorgasbord, so to speak, of things that have been on my mind this week.

Joyce Meyer
One of the things I have always appreciated about Joyce Meyer is her willingness to be transparent. People love hearing what she has to say. It is because of this willingness to be transparent that people can relate to her. I have been reading her books and watching her on television since 2009. She has overcome many things, but one thing she talks about often is how she was able to rise above things that happened to her as a child: she was continually sexually molested by her own father while her own mother stood silently by. Wow! What a major hurdle. She hasn’t always lived an exemplary life, even as a church going believer. Her past attitudes often mirror some from my own past, and occasionally some from my current times. Her transparency gives me hope for myself in affecting a real, and genuine change and transformation.

One of Joyce’s best-selling books is “The Battlefield of the Mind.” I’ve owned it for years, as well as the e-book edition. I mention this because everything she does and says goes along with what I have been blogging about these past few weeks. Meyer’s message of transforming and renewing our mind is faith-based. Dr. Caroline Leaf’s research involves faith as well, but is scientifically proving what the Bible has been saying all along about this topic.

A recent addition to my repertoire of books and studies is Brene Brown, who speaks of making ourselves transparent and vulnerable to others. These all fit neatly together.

Comfort and Joy and Hurting People
Yesterday, while driving to Thanksgiving dinner with family, as is my tradition, I listened to Christmas music. As I sat at a red light, I began to focus on what was playing. The chorus of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,” singing “tidings of comfort and joy” filled the air. I thought, “Comfort and Joy?” I’ve heard these words all my life. So many, many people are hurting in this world. How on earth can the cold and hungry have comfort and joy? Families morning the loss of loved ones, can they have comfort and joy? Their loss is only highlighted on holidays. What about the lonely? The bedridden invalid? Broken relationships? I don’t have any helpful answers other than to make myself available for anyone in need of comfort and joy. If only all families on the planet were like those in the Christmas commercials, right?

Black Friday – the Frenzy
I generally don’t enjoy shopping. I certainly have no interest in Black Friday shopping. However, last year I waited until the frenzy was nearly over and went late in the evening of Black Friday (2014) to Best Buy for one specific purchase. It really wasn’t that bad. Today I shopped online for a Black Friday price special. Again, one specific item was purchased. That is the extent of my Black Friday shopping in an entire lifetime. I don’t feel deprived or that I am missing out –I will patiently wait a couple of days for Cyber Monday to score more great deals from the comfort of my couch, while in pajamas.

The Table
Many families have a tradition at the Thanksgiving table of having each one state what they are thankful for. We did just that at our Thanksgiving feast A reoccurring theme was on everyone’s lips: Everyone was thankful for their family and I am no exception. I am very thankful my parents are still alive. I’m thankful for my grandparents, my two siblings, my 50+ first cousins, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, 4 children, 2 sons-in-law, 16 grandchildren, a grandson-in-law and one great-grandson. Whew!

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