Here’s a Thought . . .

Modern science is revealing that the power of our mind (our thoughts) has the ability to change the physical landscape of our brain; our brains are malleable. This is in contrast to previous theories just a few decades ago, when scientists considered our brains to be hard-wired and fixed.

Breakthroughs in neuroscience are confirming that what we are thinking brings real, physical changes within our brains, changes that can affect our mental and physical health. It is more than positive thinking. Our thoughts collect to form our attitude – our state of mind.

Our state of mind is a real, physical, electromagnetic, and chemical flow within the brain that switches genes on or off – positively or negatively – based on our choice of thought. The brain responds to the mind by sending neurological signals into and throughout the body: Thoughts are turned into physiological effects, the physiological transforms into varying states of emotional and mental health.

It is astonishing to know that something so seemingly trivial as a thought can create real, physical change within the body’s cells.

I am focused on changing the way I think for one simple reason. I seriously need to!

2 thoughts on “Here’s a Thought . . .

  1. Very true insights. Someone once said, our mind is like a movie player and the movie is your life. What you put in, will play. Although back then, I think projectors or VCRs were the hottest gadgets! Anyway, it really resonated.


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