Friday, you didn’t get here soon enough . . .

Friday, you didn’t get here soon enough!

This has been a tough week. Sickness. Legal stuff. Computer problems. Internet out. Disagreements. Oh, what a week! Friday, you didn’t come soon enough.

How did I keep my thoughts, and mind from sinking into despair? I nearly didn’t. Ok, I may have slipped momentarily into self-pity.

Thankfully, I didn’t stay there long. Thankfully, I have been placing tools in my toolbox to “fix” things. I am referring to following a protocol that scientists are proving more and more everyday to be extremely effective in combatting depression.

It’s the power of a thought. It is that simple. Change your thoughts, change your emotions and mental state. But the key is to find a proper thought to replace the negative thought. This takes an active participation.. A conscious choice.

There is a critical element in this process; that is the act of letting the Holy Spirit lead you. Who else knows you better than you know yourself?

A few weeks ago, I was really hurting: my back, my neck, and a killer headache. Plus, I was super tired from lack of sleep and keeping with the demands of the day. I just couldn’t find a way out of my misery. I wondered as I wandered around the aisles in Target: How on earth can I possibly find good and get out of this slump? I realized, “Hey, at least I don’t have a toothache!”

I began to focus on this and out loud (not to loud, I was in Target, after all) I thanked God I didn’t have a toothache and went about my business. As I left the store, I realized that I was feeling much better, that mist of depression that had tried to engulf me had lifted. My pain was easier to deal with.

This is not an isolated incident since I started this program called the 21-Day Brain Detox, in February of this year. I will continue because I believe I am a better, happier person because of it.

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