Letters float and bubble up, they string on weathered thread, like popcorn strands on Christmas trees. I clutch and nick and chomp and chew, subsequently disintegrate, with painful, funny, contorting moue. Letter float and bubble up, black on white in cytoplasmic fill, they string and coil as DNA that replicate I mush andContinue reading “Quest”

Dirty Deeds Done on Spoon Lane–– Part Two

It’s strange to think how selective memory can be: I remember details leading up to, during, and following this event, but I cannot remember what my punishment was from the courts. I must have been let off the hook legally, but rest assured parental punishment was indeed plotted, planned, and executed. After the story’s conclusion,Continue reading “Dirty Deeds Done on Spoon Lane–– Part Two”

Dirty Deeds Done on Spoon Lane

I can’t even. Think. I’ve never this stumped before.  Writing prompts are not improving the flow of creative energy through the synapses of this brain.  So, I decided to post this essay that won second place in my university writing contest in two parts.   Dirty Deeds Done on Spoon Lane (Part One) Anderson UnionContinue reading “Dirty Deeds Done on Spoon Lane”

The Woman in the Wallpaper Part Three

Today’s post is the conclusion to the short essay titled “The Woman in the Wallpaper.” The piece was composed in response to a course requirement at Simpson University. This true account was originally written in past tense. At the advice of my professor, for the purpose of this blog (and other future publications) it wasContinue reading “The Woman in the Wallpaper Part Three”

A Polarity in Self-Awareness

Oh, the faces I make while moving through the events of an ordinary day. Something tells me I am not alone. My trail-walking face: smile, wave, greet passers-by with a cheery “Good Morning.” My traffic face: scowl, growl, and glare with shoulders scrunched up to my ears and hands raised, outspread to each side,  greet fellowContinue reading “A Polarity in Self-Awareness”