Bedpans and Walther P38s–Part Two

BedPans and Walther P38s (Part Two of a Christmas Past) It was seven days before Christmas, and I still had to purchase gifts for 21 grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, and 10 adults. Technically, Christmas was eight days away, but our family gathers for dinner on Christmas Eve, opening gifts after the grandchildren wash the dishes. Ho!Continue reading “Bedpans and Walther P38s–Part Two”

Walther P38s and Bedpans

Bedpans and Walther P38s (A Christmas to Remember) Part One *A short story that is loosely based on true events of Christmases past: 90 percent pure fiction. Many people escape via expensive out-of-the-country vacations or by weekend get-a-ways. Some escape by watching movies or by playing games. Me? I Amazon. I’m addicted to seeing thatContinue reading “Walther P38s and Bedpans”


    Letters float and bubble up, they string on weathered thread, like popcorn strands on Christmas trees. I clutch and nick and chomp and chew, subsequently disintegrate, with painful, funny, contorting moue. Letter float and bubble up, black on white in cytoplasmic fill, they string and coil as DNA that replicate I mush andContinue reading “Quest”

Day 364

I am ending day 364 doing what I love: writing for the pure joy of writing.  The little ditty below contains 16 names familiar to my childhood. Can you guess what they refer to?* Through the days of my life, I have ascribed to a guiding light, While leading all my children through the edgeContinue reading “Day 364”