Bedpans and Walther P38s Part 3

Part Three of a Family Christmas Past The moment the kids had waited for 365 days arrived. I beamed at my family­­–– mostly for the expectant joy on all faces. I donned my Santa hat and began dispersing gifts. The family rule was to wait until everyone had all their gifts piled at their side.Continue reading “Bedpans and Walther P38s Part 3”

Bedpans and Walther P38s–Part Two

BedPans and Walther P38s (Part Two of a Christmas Past) It was seven days before Christmas, and I still had to purchase gifts for 21 grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, and 10 adults. Technically, Christmas was eight days away, but our family gathers for dinner on Christmas Eve, opening gifts after the grandchildren wash the dishes. Ho!Continue reading “Bedpans and Walther P38s–Part Two”